Friday, April 9, 2010


The fountain of stupidity has given birth to yet another MIC (Moron in control)

Medium size school district.... known for athletics in the past but not as strong lately.

New Athletic Director...... talking to a middle school administrator

paraphrased quote:

"You guys are blowing too many of the athletes out due to grades and discipline.... these kids need to have the chance to compete. You need to keep them playing...regardless of grades so they can have a goal"

Thankfully the administrator has enough sense .....however - it is a fact that he who has the highest salary ....usually gets listened to..

Mr AD...... can you read my lips..... UIL SANCTIONS??? BREAKING THE LAW???
NO PASS NO PLAY .....applies to your students. regardless of how you feel about it.

Quit thinking you are god..... and try this one -
students (AND PARENTS) are held responsible for well as behavior..
(I kinda think the real world thrives on this performance and citizenship idea)

Oh wait a minute - you are wanting to make these guys into superstars - the kind not responsible for sleeping around...not responsible for carrying loaded guns...and not responsible for DWI..... cause after all ....they are athletes....they don't have to be responsible.

(Besides - the NBA has enough of this type for now ....should they run short - we will tell them you are scouting on their behalf)

In the mean time..... school district - toss this moron out before he puts your district into the really bad press releases. School district - be thankful/hopeful your administrators will not listen to this high paid idiot you got trying to run the system for his own behalf.

This guy apparently has more workout shorts than brains...

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