Monday, April 5, 2010


HOUSTON ISD......despite pleas from teachers - documentation from other sources...and letters from industry giant Microsoft took a GIANT step backward. Given the choice to require the technology credit for graduation, HISD chose to dumb down once more and passed with a unanimous vote a decision to no longer require the technology credit for graduation.

Strangely enough - they require health and public speaking despite both of those being optional. Curious - is this a way of cutting technology dollars spent - no longer requiring the tech classes so they do not have to spend monies upgrading the computer labs. Sounds like a group with no plan for the future and more concerned about saving $$ than teaching kids....

Personally - I say vote em out.

Thank you HISD - you have started my list of schools not truly preparing your students for the future. Thankfully my extended family of children, nieces and nephews are all in schools with a little more foresight into what a student should be taking for graduation.

In my opinion - HISD has just entered the unacceptable zone.

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  1. I wrote every member of the Houston ISD school board to ask them to reconsider. I think you are right, time to vote them out. And our new superintendent is supposed to be pushing technology because HISD is so far behind ...