Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lowest Common Denominator

No this is not a math class....this is the current trend of things in too may schools across both Texas and the nation.

In a knee jerk reaction to low performance on state mandated tests as well as drop out rates, schools are jumping on every possible solution regardless of whether it is practical - logical - or proven.

10% of all students are not doing homework ...... response - give them a longer day with more classes and study hall and expect a change in results.
Sounds to me like the 90% taking care of things just got punished for doing what was right.

Low scores on state mandated tests - so eliminate honors class for the high performing students - dump them in a class being taught to the level of the weakest student so you can claim you are covering every objective for the state test with every single student. Never mind that you are short changing the group of students most likely to graduate from a university. Do not challenge them so they are really ready for the first days at a 4 year university. This writer awards the AnalRetentive Master award to multiple school boards in the state of Texas following this asinine pattern of reasoning.

And because every single student in the entire system always is perfect and always cares and always put 100% effort into it, then any score below passing on a state mandated test is 100% the fault of the teacher.

With the requirements for being certified in critical areas like math - physics - chemistry - biology already very tough in Texas and only a few classes from a degree in these areas and at least $10k to 15K more in the business world,

The in vogue thing is to blame all failures in these subjects on the teachers.

Gee Einsteins...... lets see how this works ..... take the jobs the hardest to fill in public schools.....and usually filled by people who want to teach.......lay all the blame on them....all the while paying at least 10k less than what many of them would make in the business world.

And the geniuses in Austin and in Obamacation can't understand why every university in the state is not graduating scores of new math and science teachers.

Please someone invent a drug that induces common sense. Then lets spray every TEA employee, every state legislator, the governor, every superintendent, principal, and every school board member with it .

Sadly public education reasoning has become like the IRS and the old fashioned outhouse.

It is all about the paperwork....and most of it is crammed full of crap